Where are they now: key stats on Australian graduates

Our friends at Graduate Careers Australia have some useful statistics to share with us on "Where Grads Go" when they cross over to life-after-uni. If you're staring down the barrel of your last year of university, or just wandering about your chances of eventual employment, take a look at their new publication.

It’s easy to convince yourself that your years as a student are never going to end, that your life will be eternally filled with 10 am starts and coffee-drinking friends in free periods and discounted train tickets. Then one day you wake up and find yourself in your last year of university or suddenly graduated, staring down the barrel of life as a proper adult with actual responsibilities outside of just showing up to 80% of your tutorials, taking your first steps down an actual career path.

Fortunately while most of us prefer to remain wilfully ignorant about this little fact of life called graduation, someone else has done some thinking for us. Graduate Careers Australia has brought us “Where Grads Go”, providing key information on graduate positions in a range of industries. Inform yourself about what graduates of your degree are getting up to in their new jobs, what kind of starting salary they are on, and how many of them successfully find employment, amongst other useful statistics and links.

The information below was taken from the Graduate Opportunities website here.