Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer is the popular host of ABC 702's breakfast program. He eventually graduated from the University of Sydney with first class Honours in pure mathematics after trying his hand at a combined Bachelor of Arts/Law.

Adam Spencer – middle name Barrington, but my enthusiasm for that comes and goes to be honest.


What Degree did you do?
Began an Arts/Law degree at the University of Sydney – dropped all of my arts subjects except for mathematics which I was only doing cos I thought it’d be a breeze. Then dropped law – did an Honours year in pure maths – got a first class Honours degree in pure mathematics.

Which University did you attend?
University of Sydney

Did you do any post graduate study?
Commenced a PHD in pure mathematics – hello ladies!!! As yet incomplete and to be honest in the foreseeable future my 2 ½ year old is more likely to find time for a doctorate than I am.

Describe your university experience on the whole?
My arts degree was the best 9 ½ years of my life! The study was immensely stimulating once I stopped playing games and got down to it. But for me the greatest moments at uni were debating at three world championships (Glasgow, Cork and Dublin) and on the theatresports stage at Manning Bar in front of 700 students.

What is your current position and what company/organisation do you work for?
Breakfast host on 702 ABC Sydney radio – having graduated to grown-up radio after doing six years breakfast on JJJ.

What is the worst job you have had?
I was the dishwasher at a major food franchise in The Rocks in Sydney – fair to say I miss it about as much as it misses me.

What aspects of uni have you taken with you throughout your career?
I think quickly on my feet and can express myself reasonably well – when I’m confronted by a pother I can just throw in an impressive word and move on – like “pother” which means a disorienting cloud of smoke.

Would you do the same thing at university if you went back now?
I’d work a lot harder at my mathematics from Day 1. I cruised and got by on cramming for a few years and it really caught up with me.

Words of advice?
I bet you don’t have the guts to try harder. Prove me wrong!

Some things about you!
Favourite band/artist: Yo La Tenga
Summer or Winter? From my experience it depends which hemisphere you’re in – about half the time it’s neither.
Favourite book/magazine/newspaper: My soon to be released sequel to my book on the numbers 1 to 100 – should be a cracker!