Ben is a 24 year old graduate working as a mechatronic engineer for a medical company. He graduated from UNSW in 2010 with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering

Where are you working now and what does it involve?
Mechatronic Engineer for a medical devices company. I work on the product development of respiratory ventilators. This job entails designing mechanical, electrical and software components of ventilators; testing components; writing lots of reports; and working with manufacturers and external suppliers.

What was the most useful aspect of your degree which led you to this job?
Most of the courses in my degrees are used fairly regularly such as mechanical design, materials science, physiology, and even the less enjoyable ones like statistics. I suppose an engineering degree helps develop an analytical approach to problem solving that comes in handy.

What was the most useful aspect of your university that led you to this job?
Careers fairs gave a good idea of the larger companies which were recruiting and what they were looking for. Careers services at the university were very general and didn’t cater specifically to gaining skills for engineering jobs. The faculty did not assist a great deal in helping student find internships or graduate positions, only posting a small out-dated list on a billboard, even though a bachelor degree requires 12 weeks of industrial experience.

Did you ever think you would be doing this job when you started university?
While I entered my course without a clear idea of the job I wanted at the end of it, this sort of product design job was in line with my vague expectations at the time.

What career plans do you have beyond this job?
To start my own business based on the an invention.
Step 1: Invent something cool
Step 2: Create a company to develop and sell the cool thing

What advice would you give to new university students hoping to find a similar job to the one you have?
Start looking as early as possible at companies/employers that suit your interests, get in contact with them and try to secure an internship. This will help you figure out where you would like to work, get you valuable experience and increase your chances of getting full time job with them.