Hannah graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminal Justice) from Charles Sturt University. In the degree, she majored in Criminology and minored in Psychology. Let's find out what she's up to now...

Where are you working now and what does it involve?
Associate Lecturer/Tutor/Subject Coordinator at Charles Sturt University. I organise, deliver and develop university subjects in policing, law and criminology. I prepare and give lectures, tutorials and workshops on various topics in each subject that I teach.

What was the most useful aspect of your degree which led you to this job?
Being interested in learning each module. As I was interested in learning more, and doing well, I excelled and was provided with this opportunity. My main interests were in Law and Drugs and Crime. PowerPoint presentations for lectures were also useful, as were small tutorial groups that generated discussion. 

What was the most useful aspect of your university that led you to this job?
Creating good contacts. Having smaller classes led to better one-on-one conversations with lecturers and tutors. They then provided me with the opportunities to work and teach at the university.

What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your job?
The best part of the job is the work hours, and casual work environment. I also enjoy knowing that I’m helping students gain knowledge in their area of interest.
Worst elements are the administrative duties. Keeping up to date with paperwork and emails. I also hate marking. 

What career plans do you have beyond this job?
I would like this job to provide me with an environment conducive to research. I would like to complete my Masters and PhD. I would also like to move into an area that puts my knowledge to use, such as with the AIC or ASIO.

What advice would you give to new university students hoping to find a similar job to the one you have?
Work hard, make friends with your teachers, have confidence in yourself.