Liv is a 22 year old graduate working as a Nurse at Royal North Shore hospital. She graduated from UTS in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts / Nursing.

Where are you working now and what does it involve?
Royal north shore hospital, general surgical ward: specialties involved are urology, gynae-oncology, vascular, head and neck, ears nose and throat, upper gastrointestinal surgery, colorectal, endocrine and breast surgery, and ophthalmology. My job entails holistic patient centred care of the post-operative patient including pain management, wound management, general observations, care of the acutely deteriorating patient.

What was the most useful aspect of your degree which led you to this job?
The clinical experience at a variety of different hospitals and specialties ranging from mental health, paediatrics, surgical, general medical and emergency.

What was the most useful aspect of your university that led you to this job?
The University of Technology has an extremely well respected nursing faculty with a very high rate of post graduate employment opportunities in renowned Sydney hospitals. UTS nurses are very highly sought after!

What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your job?
The best part of nursing would be the rewarding nature of the job and the many different career paths one can explore. Nursing is not just a job you come and do and go home in and absent minded way. It requires every ounce of your physical mental and emotional strength to assist and support others in their hour of need. The daily tasks and challenges provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement which is hard to comprehend if you haven't experienced it. The difficult elements of nursing can sometimes be the best. Detaching yourself from patients and perceiving their hardships as something far from your heart is difficult. Learning to leave their issues at work and move on to normal home life is hard as your conscience can prove to get in the way. Shift work is gruelling and takes a toll on ever facet of your life from sleeping, eating at normal hours, time for friends and family as well as yourself are all sacrificed at one time or another. Shifts however can be rewarded and managed in advance.

What career plans do you have beyond this job?
I plan to complete my masters over the course of three years. This involves the first year doing my grad certificate in the area of speciality that I am interested in, acute care. The following year I will complete my Diploma of Nursing and then the final year will be my Masters degree, which will open up endless job opportunities. I'm particularly interested in obtaining CNS or CNE status and perhaps in the future become a Nursing Unit Manager.

What advice would you give to new university students hoping to find a similar job to the one you have?
To give it all a try, and to stick with it. You will come across some of the most confronting experiences of your life but it is one of the most rewarding and challenging career path. I cannot express how passionate I am about nursing - get involved!