Bachelor of Science @ Macquarie

Bachelor of Science

Science is a flexible and challenging degree for students passionate in pursuing their love of science, logic and critical thinking. There are over twenty-five majors for students to study, so you will never be at a loss as to finding a subject you love.

UAC Code

300145 (with Arts)
300537 (with Diploma of Education)
300305 (with Law)
300288 (with Commerce)
300758 (with Engineering)


Degree Length

3 years full-time


Degree Structure

Science majors/minors (68 credit points) = 68 credit points


Can be combined with

Arts, Diploma of Education, Law, Commerce or Engineering.



North Ryde campus

Over the three years of this degree, students will work individually, as well as in groups, which becomes a crucial part of scientific learning. Students will be challenged to thinking critically and problem solve, in both their theoretical and practical work. Some of the majors from which students can choose include: Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Geology, Human Geography and Software Technology. Throughout their degree, students are able to study in high quality laboratories within Macquarie University. You will be challenged to experiment and explore the applications and wonders of science. There is a strong focus on learning practical skills, which means students will never be trapped learning the theory, and will always be discovering in the lab.

Science majors available: Applied Econometrics; Astronomy and Astrophysics; Biology; Biomolecular Sciences; Brain, Behaviour and Evolution; Chemistry; Climate Science; Decision Science; Development Studies and Culture Change; Electronics; Environmental Earth Science; Environmental Geology; Environmental Management; Geography; Geology; Geophysics; Human Geography; Information Systems; Mathematics; Museum Studies; Palaeobiology; Photonics; Physics; Psychological Science; Software Technology; Spatial Information Science; and Statistics.

Course Requirements

2012 ATAR

75.40 (with Arts)
75.45 (with Diploma of Education)
96.05 (with Law)
83.90 (with Commerce)
78.15 (with Engineering)



2013 ATAR

75.05 (with Arts)
76.10 (with Diploma of Education)
95.90 (with Law)
81.15 (with Commerce)
80.00 (with Engineering)



Entry Requirements

HSC or equivalent
Assumed knowledge: any 2 units of HSC English


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Student Profiles in Science


Dale is a 22 year old student in the fifth year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science at UNSW (Kensington). He is majoring in Finance, Marketing and Psychology.

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Annie is a 22 year old student in her honours year of a Bachelor of Psychology at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in Psychology.

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Melissa is a 20 year old student in the third year of a Bachelor of Psychology at Macquarie University.

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Bin is a 20 year old student in his Honours year of a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) at Sydney Uni (Camperdown campus). He is majoring in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science.

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