Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying) @ UNSW

Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying)

Surveying is the very foundation of Engineering, as it analyses and maps the environment to support engineering and construction processes, and does so in a sustainable way.

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Degree Length

4 years full-time


Degree Structure

Surveying core units (138 credit points) + Elective units (42 credit points) + General Education elective units (12 credit points) = 192 credit points



Kensington campus

Students will begin by studying the fundamentals of Engineering, looking at Mathematics, Physics and Computing. Students will then go on to learn how to use surveying equipment, the complex mathematics surrounding surveying, and its usefulness in the physical environment. At the end of the final year, students will submit and present a small thesis on Surveying Engineering. Students will also be required to complete 60 days of extracurricular industrial experience, submitting a report at the end.

Core units: Mathematics 1A; OR Higher Mathematics 1A; Mathematics 1B; OR Higher Mathematics 1B; Physics 1A; OR Higher Physics 1A; Engineering Design; Computing for Engineers; Surveying and GIS; Electronic Survey Instruments; Integrating Surveying Technologies; GIS in Practice; Surveying Computations and CAD; Data Analysis by Least Squares; Geodesy and Spatial Reference; Numerical Methods & Statistics; Surveying Applications; Field Projects 1 & 2; Cadastral Surveying & Land Law; Precise GPS Positioning; Undergraduate Project Thesis A & B; Land Management and Development Project 1 & 2; and Survey Business Management.

Course Requirements

2012 ATAR




2013 ATAR




Entry Requirements           

HSC or equivalent

Assumed knowledge: Mathematics Extension 1, Physics and/or Chemistry, and any 2 units of HSC English (Mathematics Extension 2, Engineering Studies, Software Design and Development, Information Technology and Biology are recommended).


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