Myriam is 23 years old and is studying a Bachelor of Applied Finance in Australia.

What degree have you studied in Australia?
Bachelor in Applied Finance.

What were your 3-5 favourite aspects of your degree?
University’s facilities such as the library;
High knowledge from the lecturers regarding every subject; and
Large range of subjects to choose.

What made you choose this degree at this university?
I chose this university due to the high reputation that it has regarding business and finance such as its philosophy of what study means. I was already studying a similar degree (BA Financial Management) in my home country.

What were you studying in your home country before you came to Australia?
BA Financial Management up to 7th semester.

Why did you choose to study in Australia?
To discover the furthest continent where I have never imagined living in.

What was the application process like for choosing to study in Australia?
The application process was quite large but not difficult at all. I did it throughout an agency for free.

How did you find it settling in Australia?
Even though I heard it is difficult to find a place to live, fortunately I did find a flat ten days after I arrived in Australia. In terms on making friends, it was not a big deal due to the huge quantity of international students that were in the same situation as me. Moreover, I believe Australians, generally speaking, are friendly and understand the multiculturalism that exists in their country. Studying in Australia is very hard due to the high academic level that the country has, however, it was not impossible to reach your goals.

What are your plans now that your degree is over?
Stay in Australia for four more years on a de facto visa of a 457 sponsorship visa

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to study in Australia?
To plan carefully on choosing a degree such as the university then, to get involve in what this chosen university offers you (such as accommodation help, counsellor advise).

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

What is your favourite holiday destination or adventure?
Mexican Caribbean. 

What’s your dream job?
A job where I can help people with my knowledge and skills putting a smile on their faces regarding what living in society implies.