Student Job Ideas

Sometimes it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time...even if the employer doesn’t know they need you working for them yet. Job sites and ads in the paper are an endless resource, however if you are after particularly a hospitality or retail job, it is often better to take a handful of CVs with you on a stroll and approach individual businesses. This way you can make a good first impression with them and they will be able to remember you, so even if there isn’t a job available right now, there could be a few weeks down the track. Asking for the manager or owner is best, if they aren’t too busy. Often you will just have to fill out an application form. It should go without saying, but don’t visit shops, cafes and bars during their busy hours, such as the late night shopping retail run or the lunchtime rush as you will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Student-Friendly Workplaces

Pubs/Bars/Bottle shops
With one on almost every corner, there is usually always call for staff in these establishments. Evening and weekend shifts often fit in well with your timetable and many shut at 12am which is respectable. You will need your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate, which can be gained by completing a one-day course and some places will require you to have your Responsible Conduct of Gambling Service (RCG) certificate also. Pros include the social atmosphere and the friends you meet, but shifts may finish late so it needs to suit your lifestyle.

Perks include tips and often free or cheap meals! A social job on the whole with a lot of flexibility for it to fit around your timetable. You may need to get your RSA before gaining employment in some cases. Many students start out with a café or restaurant job, before they look for more degree-specific work as you can develop a lot of important soft skills valued by all employers. Things like teamwork, time management and prioritisation as well as a demonstrated sense of responsibility reflected in cash-handling abilities can be handy CV details.

A customer-service driven workplace, but can score you discounts on clothing! Often good casual pay rates. However think beyond clothing: there are also bookstores, home wares stores, chocolate shops (not just a fantasy anymore!).

If you are cut out for this it can be a great source of income for university students. It demonstrates that you can be trusted and it can be quite flexible if you’re good at managing your own time.

Market Research
The work can be sporadic, but if you sign up to a market research company in your city you can get some fun testing out new breakfast cereal! And get paid for it...hooray!

Temp Work
This can be organised through any temping agency and you will usually have to interview with them first before they place you in a role. The great thing about this is that it can often lead to a more permanent role if they like you, and will also give you administration experience which is needed across a range of positions. Decent money for last minute jobs!

Army Reserve
You get tax-free pay that isn’t included as income...joining the dots means this won’t affect any government payments you receive! More than this however you get involved in outdoor activities, learn team and technical skill and it is a very social opportunity.