Jobs for High School Leavers

Nowadays applying for graduate entry jobs is extremely competitive. A fantastic way to get an edge on the competition, some insight into working life and potentially some cold hard cash is to undertake an internship throughout your university degree. Numerous companies and organisations offer the chance to complete work experience whilst undertaking a degree. Before you sign any contracts, it’s critical to assess whether this path is right for you and to fully understand the nature of each program and where it intends to take you.


These programs vary by organisation but numerous organisations offer programs where students undertake two years of full-time experience whilst completing their undergraduate degree. The experience may involve full-time study components, but your student life will be very different from that of a typical university student.

Cooperative Programs

UNSW and UTS offer cooperative scholarship programs in a broad range of degrees from IT to accounting. Instead of working for one company, students complete multiple internships at sponsor organisations during their undergraduate degree. Further details of these programs can be found at:

UTS: (Accounting); (IT & Engineering)

Across both cadetships and cooperative programs, you may get phenomenal exposure to industry and a job offer before your friends, but you may also have to go to night classes after long days of work. If you are looking for a more traditional university experience, you may like to instead look at a standard university degree and apply for a Summer Vacation job during your penultimate* year of study.

* You should try to avoid using the word ‘penultimate’ in everyday conversation, unless you want your Facebook friend count to drop dramatically.