Jobs for Uni Students

Let’s be honest, many university degrees come with some serious free time and holidays. Internships and part-time jobs achieve multiple purposes. They will boost your employability, possibly finance a trip overseas and help you to ascertain exactly what you love (or hate) doing. There are many opportunities for university students to complete internships, either part-time during semester or throughout the university holidays.

The first thing to consider is application opening dates and deadlines. Some organisations recruit on a rolling basis so it’s important not to miss out.

Internship Career Fairs

A good place to start is by attending university internship careers fairs. You may like to check out the following:

University of Sydney: Internship and Vacation Work Fair.
UTS: Vacation, Internship and Volunteer Fair
UNSW: Vacation/Internship Careers Expo
Macquarie University: Work Experience Expo

It is worthwhile visiting the general Careers site of your university as some organisations may advertise or have information regarding their internships at other events (such as Graduate fairs).

University Career Websites

University career websites contain a range of job advertisements for part-time, casual, internship and graduate opportunities. The advantage of these resources is that most are closed to the public and require a university log in to access the job details.
For UTS students, visit:
For UNSW students, visit:
For MQ students, visit:
For USYD students, visit:
For UWS students, visit:

Faculty-specific Job Opportunities

Some employers may recruit through a specific university faculty and advertise internship and part-time roles via their faculty website or through emails distributed to students studying a particular degree.

For example, Sydney Law School advertises internships and part-time jobs on their ‘Employment Online’ website and distributes regular emails from employers targeting their students.

It is important to make sure that you sign up to these distribution lists (if they do indeed exist), and keep an eye out for updates on those websites.

Additional Resources

Some employers advertise these positions on their own website so don’t forget to check the career pages of the organisations that you are most interested in.
If you heart is set on an industry or organisation, it is worthwhile sending their HR/ Recruitment team an email expressing your interest and asking them to let you know if any future opportunities become available.