Surviving the First Week at UTS

UTS is known for its ability to give you a hands-on experience, as well as allow you to learn theory no matter which degree you do. But before you even get to studying, you’ve got to know where to start. Enrolling, student cards, O-Week and the first week of lectures are all ahead of you this month. Sohan gives you a run-down of all you’ll need to know when starting out at UTS this year.


UTS makes it very easy to enrol, with a step-by-step process which begins at If you applied through UAC, make sure you have your applicant number with you (it should have been emailed as a part of your application confirmation). Follow through all the steps and be sure to jot down your student number – you will be using it nearly every day to log in to UTS Online so keep it safe!

Picking your subjects
Picking subjects can be a bother in your very first semester. Let’s be honest, most of us have no idea what we need, should and/or want to choose. The UTS Handbook ( makes these decisions for us, and most students will follow the guide relevant to their degree. Using the handbook as a template also avoids hassles later on in your degree; for example, having to stay at university for an extra year because prerequisites weren’t completed at the right time. Enrol in classes ( as early as possible, to get the most convenient class times. You can always swap subjects if you start one and realise it’s not for you, as long as it is before the Census date which is in Week 4. This date confirms the payment date and enrolment in all your subjects, so you want to have chosen the right ones by this time. It is important to look this up each semester, because after it passes you cannot drop out of subjects without having to pay the subject fee. Don’t worry if you forget the date though, as the UTS staff will give you a call before it passes.

Creating your timetable
You can access your timetable and change class times at ‘My Subject Activities’ ( If your timetable is clashing or you need to get into a class that’s already full (for a valid reason), e-requests ( save your life. You’ll receive a reply within a couple of days, and if need be they will completely fix your timetable up for you – bam!

Student Cards
Student cards give you the privilege of student discounts, concession transport fares and access to UTS facilities. Once you’ve enrolled you can head to one of the student centres, get your photo taken and receive your student card immediately afterwards. Head to to find out where the nearest student centre is for you.



O-Week is an incredibly helpful way to learn about the way UTS works and to help you become familiar with the different services and facilities that will assist you in your student life. Not only will you become familiar with the campus, you’ll also get a chance to meet some great people from your degree! You can easily book your core sessions (tours to visit the UTS facilities) on the UTS Orientation website ( and even select additional ones if you want to know more about where you’ll be spending the next few of years of your life. Plan your day with the schedule link on the website so you’re organised and on time to all your sessions. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for O-Fest as well. What better way to start the year than a massive party with live music, DJs and dance floors on campus? 

Student Life

Getting to lectures, tutorials and seminars
Have a look at maps of the different campuses here, and get as familiar as you can. The UTS City campus has three precincts being Broadway, Haymarket and Blackfriars that are all right in the heart of Sydney CBD. Commuting between them could take 5 to 10 minutes so when getting from one class to another try and allow for that time – but if your lecture is in one place and your tutorial in the other, your teachers will usually be understanding so don’t stress! Each classroom is labeled by building, level and room number. For example, CB02.06.37 is: City Broadway Building, Number 2, Level 6, Room 37.

Food and Drinks
Every university student needs a coffee before an early morning lecture, and the best places to get one are conveniently located right next to the UTS City campus. First, there’s My Cuppa – right next to the side entrance of Building 3 on Harris St. Right across the road is Il Pausa which has an amazing reputation for the best coffee. Or, if you’re heading Haymarket way from the station, why not try Charlie Lovett. There’s always the coffee stand right outside the library if you’re a little late!

Come lunch time, you will be spoiled for choice. The food court in the tower building has everything from sandwiches to Chinese to Indian to kebabs. The DAB café in Haymarket also has a wonderful selection of food for great prices too. If you’re up for a treat, there’s always Mad Mex and a bunch of awesome Asian restaurants you’ll walk past on your way back to central station.

Finished your 6pm tutorials, wandering around the city or just feel like chilling out in the evening? UTS has two uni bars namely The Loft and Glasshouse. Conveniently, they are both located next to each other towards the side of the tower building. Head to The Loft in the evening to chill out on a couch. The Glasshouse is always there if you feel like some games. Equipped with a pool table, trivia night Thursdays and fun music, it’s definitely the place to be.