7 Tips for Future Year Ten Students

Those of you who are finishing year 9 are probably already hearing all about what an important year, year ten will be. You will need to focus and study hard for formal examinations. Most people also get their first casual job in year ten and of course, there’s the year ten formal to contend with! Yep, year ten is an important year but wait, before you begin to stress out read these seven tips from WDWU contributor, Courtney, who has just successful completed her tenth year of schooling.


I probably shouldn’t say this, but THE EXAMS ARE NOT WORTH STRESSING OVER.  As long as you try your very best it doesn’t matter if you don’t know every definition or perfect every essay. . Year 10 is basically the warm-up for  year s 11 and 12 so try your best to make the most of the opportunity.


Have fun before the serious stuff starts!! Don’t be too serious and don’t spend your lunchtimes in the library doing homework. Homework is for home of course! Make sure you continue to play a sport and go shopping on the weekends as too much study is just unhealthy. 


Study with someone. Two brains are better than one! Studying this way gives you an incentive to work properly and you can  pick the brains of someone  that  is  studying  the same thing. That being said choose your study buddy wisely. If you know you are going to chat and stalk people over FB the whole time then best pick a different partner.


Summarise your class notes weekly. Don’t leave it too late or even worse…3 days before the exam! Making a summary of all the things you have learnt that week makes revising a whole lot easier around exam time. With revision notes you study more effectively and can therefore spend less time studying in the lead up to exams without  those chastising, “I should be studying right now” thoughts.


Don’t procrastinate. I have seen first-hand (from my sister) the amount of time you can actually waste on your phone and on the computer. Take any opportunity to do writing by hand as teens especially, can get easily distracted by other programs on the computer. (Namely the internet…)


Get a partner for the deb/formal early!! Don’t leave it too late until you are stuck with a geeky nerd! (Not that that’s always a bad thing…)


Don’t feel the need to get a job. Although it is practical to get a part time job, don’t feel like it is absolutely necessary to work after school and on weekends. Have a break and play a sport or take up another physical hobby. It’s much healthier than work and a luxury that doesn’t last a lifetime.

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