What's your study personality?

Take our quiz to find out what your study habits say about you, and how you can improve them before reaching university and dooming yourself to years of Red Bull abuse, insufficient sleep and so-so grades.

The What Degree? Which University? team has recently discovered thedesk, a website that’s got free modules, tools, quizzes and forums that help students achieve good marks while staying sane and feeling good. It’s designed for university students, but since good habits are best developed early on, Year 11 and 12 students can also benefit from the site, which acts as a friend, mentor, life coach and personal assistant. Identify your study personality by taking our quiz, then find out how thedesk can help change bad habits.



1.  You come across an unfamiliar word while studying. You...
A). Immediately search for the definition and then add the word to your vocabulary list.
B). Think ‘meh’ and continue to read hoping everything will eventually make sense. 
C). Try to figure out what the word means in the context of the sentence. If you get the gist of things why waste time with definitions?

2. There’s an exam block in two weeks. How do you prepare?
A).  You’ve already got a schedule in place. The first week will be spent revising all subjects and the second dedicated to your problem areas and the first subjects to be tested.
B). When you’re feeling ambitious, you study for the subjects you like and think you’ll do well in.
C). In two weeks? You’ve got three assignments due before then, two of which you haven’t started. Studying is a luxury you won’t have until a few nights before the first exam.

3. Where do you do most of your studying?
A). At home in your dedicated study area, or in your favourite corner at the local library.
B). At the school library with friends or at home, usually on the couch or dining table.
C). In your bedroom. You’re more productive at the library, but getting there requires being organised and waking up early: two things you aren’t good at.

4. At what time of day do you study?
A). In the afternoon, during the school week, and in the morning on weekends and holidays.
B). The time varies. but it’s always in the afternoon. You tried waking up early once and it sucked. Plus, there are better ways to spend the evening.
C). Most of your study gets done after 10pm. When you finally get to bed you tell yourself you will start a morning study routine, but it never happens.

5. Your study notes are… 
A). Organised, according to the syllabus, colour coded and frequently updated and summarised. 
B). Based on what you’ve learnt in class. You trust your teacher to follow the syllabus and aren’t one for wider reading.
C). Lengthy. When you finally sit down to take notes, you’re so far behind it’s more of a learning than revision exercise.



Mostly A’s - The Busy Bee
You’ve got the study thing worked out. You’re dedicated and when you plan to get something done, it gets done. Just be sure you don’t study too hard (crazy, right?). It’s common for Busy Bees to sacrifice their social lives in favour of high ranks and epic marks. Sure, there’ll be time for fun later but it won’t be kind of fun you could be having now. A schedule lover like you should be able to factor in a social life start with thedesk’s module, Staying Connected and the tool, My 168. Also, Busy Bees are either too stubborn to take criticism on board or too reliant on grades as a measure of self worth. If this sounds like you, try the tool ‘Using Feedback’.

Mostly B’s - The Lazy Cat
You like to think you have a superior, come-what-may attitude toward studying but the truth is, you’re lazy. You pay attention to the subjects you like, and that’s because they’re the ones that come easily to you.  Occasionally, you’ll feel ambitious and study hard for a test or take pride in an assignment, but these moments are arbitrary. Don’t wait for your next ‘inspiration’: sign up to thedesk and use the ‘Getting Things Done’ module. To dispel the ‘why try when I won’t succeed’ attitude many of you Lazy Cats possess, use the tool ‘Feeling Confident’.

Mostly C’s - The Running Hamster
You’re the worst kind of procrastinator, because despite your avoidance tactics, you actually care about your marks. You want good marks and maybe you get them, but your 4:00am bed times, YouTube addiction and habit of using class time to complete do-or-die homework for other subjects, has left you running on a wheel. You frustrate easily, have a junk food habit, and are dangerously prone to anxiety. You need help. thedesk has two modules that were designed for someone like you: ‘Getting Things Done’ and ‘Staying Calm’. The tool ‘My 168’ will also be a life changer: it helps you map out how each hour is spent during the week, and will assist in creating a new schedule.

Visit thedesk for more quizzes and helpful advice.